FLYER, is the new automatic air ring designed for high efficiency and high output. Elevators lift up the automatic upper four lip air ring almost doubling the line throughput while improving physical proprieties of the film as per tear, haze, elongation and especially dart drop. When FLYER is raised to the upper position where the bubble expansion is greater, it provides efficient cooling over a larger surface area. FLYER provides segmented airflow to localized areas around the blown film bubble through the air ring while stabilizing the film exit due to the fourth special downward lip. This automatic thickness improvement system offers simplicity and state-of-the-art visualization giving the highest operational reliability.

> Easy installation.
> Carbon fibre chamber with single air entrance.
> Two carbon fibre skins with a sandwiched insulation layer in the middle for «zero» moisture.
> Booster stabiliser for better bubble stability and higher output.
> New Lifting system managed by SYNTROL for repeatable positioning via the product recipe.

FLYER is now available with TECH 2.0 for a 75% improvement in profile control.
Thanks to the innovative and patented TECH 2.0 both our volume and heater control are combined to improve profile control.
> short time to reduce the original profile deviation.
> significant reduction of scrap.
> increased level of planarity.
> Regulation technology can be selected independently.
> Up to 80% reduction of starting profile deviation at 2σ.

Each box has: 1 step motor 2 heaters