Syntrol Gauge

SYNTROL GAUGE is the SYNCRO auto die system to control automatically the thermal bolts used on flat dies to regulate the film/sheet thickness via mechanical manipulation of the flat die lip. Due to the smart control, special die mapping will allow the system to compensate for material neck-in, neck-out and bump profiling to achieve the tightest gauge control and hence the best product.

SYNTROL GAUGE auto profile control is also suitable for use on blown film lines. It can be interfaced on to an OEM die with thermal cartridge heaters to modify the die lip opening/closing according to the target thickness, can be supplied along with the Syncro quenching AUTO flex lip control or it can be interfaced to automatic air rings with internal cartridge heaters installed to control the gauge via the air temperature set by the target thickness.

SYNTROL GAUGE is based on commercial modular PLC electronics and ensures simple, practical operation by providing the operator with all the information required to operate the system clearly and intuitively using touch screen HMI on board. In a blown film application it would be controlled and connected to any of the SYNCRO gauging systems.