Born from the experiences of the previous model SYproAUTO the new TYPHOON Air Ring represents the “state of the art” for an Air Ring with Auto Profile Control. The thickness measuring system is integrated into the supervision software and supplies TYPHOON with the measurement profiles. When measuring a point having a thickness higher than the set tolerance, the stepper motor will decrease the air flow in the corresponding segment, thus reducing the film thickness, equally, when measuring a point with a thickness lower than the tolerance, the air flow is increased in order to increase the film thickness. Also Available with a single entrance carbon fibre chamber.

> Upgradable to automatic control in the future.
> Available in 6 sizes up to a die diameter of 2,500 mm.
> Adjustable lipset.
> 6/8/10/12 air inlets.
> Interchangeable lip-set.
> Aluminium casting or Carbon Fibre chamber.

> Two carbon fiberfibre skins with a sandwiched insulation layer in the middle for «zero» moisture.
> Booster stabilizer available for better bubble stability and higher output.

SYNCRO manifold in case of aluminium multi entrance chamber is the ideal solution to connect chiller air pipe to multy air inlets to simplify the installation.

The Measurement systems send the profile data to software that calculates and manage the positioning of the actuators.
The actuators are controlling a segmented air flows that will be modified following the profile to be adjust. This air flow influence the melt temperature and in turn the film thickness during film blowing step.