Capamex series gauges perform the in-line measurement of the insulation capability for electrical cables on high-speed cable extrusion lines.

The compact design and the watertight protection make Capamex an extremely versatile water immersion instrument that can be adapted to different types of cooling tanks of the extrusion lines. If not totally immersed, Capamex can be directly supplied with pressurized water by means of special connections placed on its body.

Capamex series sensors immediately and precisely measure the capacitance characteristics of the cable insulation.

The collected data, often combined with data coming from other Syncro or third-party measuring devices (diameter, ovality, surface defects, etc.) can be processed in different ways to guarantee the execution of the cable according to the highest quality specifications. In particular, referring to the capacity measures, cumulative losses of reflection (Structural Return Loss - SRL), periodic variations, cross-talk, traceability or comparison with similar off-line measures (post-process control).