SYNCRO, COMBYSCAN is a patented measuring system based on non-contact inductive/capacitive technology. The new sensor COMBY is composed of an Inductive/capacitive sensor which allows the measurement of either sheet and/or film thickness using a cylinder as a datum. COMBY uses inductive technology to measure the distance between the sensor and the cylinder and the second capacitive sensor that measures the dielectric of the material, combined this provides a more accurate thickness’ value. COMBYSCAN is used on FLAT DIE lines or BLOWN FILM lines.

> Capacitive Inductive technology.
> Ideal for Barrier Film.
> NON contact.
> Fast (one profile 20sec).
> Firs profile after 3 scans.
> No air cushioning.
> High Precision.

On BLOWN FILM lines COMBYSCAN is installed after the haul off and thanks to special a SYNCRO patent pending software design, is able to measure the flattened film and calculate the reel profile quickly, avoiding the need to wait for a complete haul off rotation. Thanks to the 3D mapping, a high resolution of measurement is guaranteed eliminating any possible mechanical defect.

COMBYSCAN meets also an ideal applications on all extrusion process where rigid material are extruded.

> Capacitive Inductive technology.
> Ideal for :
- sheet
- foil
- rubber
- PVC calandering
> Suitable for any kind of rigid material.

> Non contact.
> No air cushioning.
> High precision.
> Suitable up to 5mm thickness.