It is a latest generation optoelectronic device for the in-line measurement and identification of surface defects, such as protrusions, throttling, abrasions, local insulation lack, partial detachments or flakes.

The minimum size of the defect to be identified associated with the speed of the moving object requires the very high frequency analysis of single scans generated by red diode LED light source.


Defex uses electronics specially developed by Syncro capable of comparing the signal of each scan with the reference value of the product without defects and the tolerance band of the defect set by the operator.

Each detected faulty scan generates a local alarm signal on the machine and is available for the management system of control devices placed on the line. The defect can be stored and managed in the list of alarms associated with the time and the position in which it was detected.

The number of light beams used geometrically defines the dimensions of the minimum measurable defect. 3 beams of light equally spaced around the cable represent the current state of the art of the control systems of surface defects and guarantee a high probability of identification of even very small defects.