EASYBATCH is a the traditional gain-in-weight batch blender, designed to dose and blend multiple components in sequence for all processes where constant gravimetric feeding and an homogeneous mix is required.


  • Gain-in-weight batch blender.
  • Each ingredient is metered in sequence by slide gate valves in the weighing hopper mounted on two load cells.
  • Once the pre-set batch weight has been reached, the load cell sends a signal and the batch is unloaded
    into the weighing mixing chamber combining the batch and the Loss In Weight technology.




EXTRUSION CONTROL The mixer is mounted on two load cells and measure the LIW, controlling the extrusion throughput with continuous accuracy.

CLEANING Easy clean thanks to the drain spout installed on each hopper compartment allowing for a fast product changeover, avoiding the risk of waste and product contamination.

DOSING CAPACITY Due to the different dosing ratios each component can be switched in future from low to high dosing rates. Just simply changing the ratio enables the user to change the dosing capacity.

CONVEYING SYSTEM EASYBATCH can be supplied along with an integrated centralised conveying system controlled by the same PLC as the blender. HMI Every blender has its own 5.7”

HMI touch screen from which the operator can easily set the parameters, calibrate the load cell and check the alarms. VNC is installed to allow easy remote monitoring via an internet / ethernet connection. Every blender has its own ethernet IP address so that customers can easily control and remotely access the system on the factory Local Area Network.

PLC AND I/O All blenders have a B&R PLC installed along with B&R I/O. This solution makes each blender modular so that in future is possible to add components or to allow retrofitting on to an existing installation. In case of any component failures, it is easy for customer anywhere in the world to find locally sourced B&R parts so they can replace them directly without wasting time for transportation.

PNEUMATIC FESTO or SMC digital pneumatic components are connected directly via serial port to the PLC to make the installation the easiest possible and allow simple troubleshooting. Thanks to this modularity solution any future upgrade is guaranteed.

MIXER MOTOR SYNCRO eaSYbatch uses a three phases motor for its mixer along with a dry gearbox avoiding any possible motor overheating and oil leaking.


The accuracy, quality and simplicity consolidated in the construction of thousands of EASYBATCH units installed around the world are combined in MYBATCH to the elegant design, the modularity and the slender dynamics of today. Thanks to independent, naturally isolated hoppers and the modularity of ConvY loaders with a wide range of capacities you can compose your own machine according to your specific needs.
Large openable doors facilitate the access to the machine and cleaning operations; in very rare cases also maintenance. The reliability of the machine is close to the “maintenance free” level, but working comfortably on every component of the machine has never been so simple.


Thanks to its design MYBATCH can be upgraded in future to allow components to be increased by simply adding the surge hoppers from 2 to 6 components.

Both MYBATCH & EASYBATCH have been designed to be vibration proof so that the blender can be installed directly on to the extruder feed throat without being effected by possible vibrations.