The ECOSY is a state of the art automatic Rewinder for the production of manual and machine stretch film.

The machine is able to produce coreless reels and reels on thin wall and conventional paper cores both in 2” or 3” internal diameter. The user friendly interface allows for easy operator access to adjust production parameters including: meters or weight, speed, tension, contact force, taper function, etc. From the first layer through the entire reel the tension is accurately controlled using brushless synchronous motors with digital drives, the proprietary software sets the system speeds and monitors web tensions via load cells.

A pre-stretching unit with special coated rolls and brushless motors is available as an option.

The patent pending shaft is a mechanical collapsible shaft which is perfectly round when expanded, once collapsed, the perimeter of the body is reduced 10%, this creates zero tension so that the shaft does not have to be removed.


  • Edge folding
  • Oscillating system
  • Film break sensor
  • Finished rolls conveyor
  • Weight per meter control