Glimex is a device for the in-line detection of insulation defects of an electric cable, such as holes, cuts, leaks or lack of insulation.

Glimex is a high voltage instrument with limited current electrical discharge available in different configurations. The maximum test voltage, the control frequency and the length of the electrodes are defined according to the cable size and production speed.

Glimex height can be adjusted using special supports mounted on the floor for easy installation on the line.

Glimex can be controlled by a local display, or remoted in a special electrical panel, or integrated into the line supervisor.

All Glimex models, in addition to activating sound and light alarms and warning lights for the presence of high voltage (EHT - Extra High Tension), integrate multiple safety functions such as: special high voltage locking switches, discharge current limiting circuits, ground connections, opening mouths for ozone suction.

The front door opens vertically to facilitate the introduction of the cable. The discharge electrodes (chains) are removable.

Glimex can directly activate a marking device, allowing to identify the point where the defect was detected.

In combination with other control systems on the line, it allows to create a data base of the detected defects; for example, if it is