The accuracy, quality and simplicity consolidated in the construction of thousands of EASYBATCH units installed around the world are combined in MYBATCH to the elegant design, the modularity and the slender dynamics of today. Thanks to independent, naturally isolated hoppers and the modularity of ConvY loaders with a wide range of capacities you can compose your own machine according to your specific needs.

Large openable doors facilitate the access to the machine and cleaning operations; in very rare cases also maintenance.

The reliability of the machine is close to the “maintenance free” level, but working comfortably on every component of the machine has never been so simple

Thanks to its design MYBATCH can be upgraded in future to allow components to be increased by simply adding the surge hoppers from 2 to 6 components

Both MYBATCH & EASYBATCH have been designed to be vibration proof so that the blender can be installed directly on to the extruder feed throat without being effected by possible vibrations.