The “external simplicity” of the telescopic three-stage crossbeam that “hides” a precision mechanism inside (Patent WO2015/155621) is striking. Resting on two sliding carriages turning around the extruded bubble, it satisfies simultaneously and better than any other equivalent thickness measurement system the four basic requirements pursued by the designers: stiffness; absence of vibrations; a wide range of radial measures, minimum overall dimensions during rotation. No radial overhang; no intermediate junction between the carriages! Contact and No-Contact capacitive measuring sensors are available in the standard version. Other optional technologies (optical interferometry, multilayer, etc.) can be supplied upon request with prior feasibility assessment.

> Capacitive technology.
> Ideal for NON Barrier Film.
> 360° Rotating system.
> 360° Encoder band.
> Belt free motion.
> Ultrasonic distance sensor.
> Triple stage telescopic arm.
> Available up to 14 meter lay flat.

NEW NON CONTACT SENSOR for rotating Measurement Systems – No marks on Your film.
Sensor made of porous material generating a constant air cushion wich will keep a stable gap between bubble and sensor.