SYIBC is designed to automatically control and manage blower balance while coordinating all blower control functions.

SYIBC is equipped with #3 or more ultrasonic distance sensors installed on the bottom part of the cage, on movable arms to keep the gap constant between sensor and bubble.
#3 or more additional ultrasonic distance sensors (optional) can be installed above the cage where the bubble is already formed to control lay flat and automatic opening/closing of the cage.
#1 Temperature compensation ultrasonic sensors is installed at a fixed distance. This sensor provides a fixed reference to the others in order to compensate the ambient temperature variations.

The customized control valve provides the fine tuning necessary for high precision and accuracy in bubble stability and lay flat control. Using modular B&R technology ,SYIBC ensures simple, practical operation by providing the operator with all the information required to operate the system clearly and intuitively using a touch screen HMI.