SYLINK is a centralized vacuum loading system and it is an alternative to single unit loaders. It is designed to automatically feed more than one extrusion machine, efficiently and functionally solving the problems involved in raw material distribution.


> Easy to use, intuitive touch screen operator interface of the blender.
> Easy access to all components for quick and thorough cleaning.
> No scheduled maintenance is required.
> All parts that come into contact with the ingredients are made of satin stainless steel or cast aluminium.
> Save on installation costs.
> Each vacuum receiver has its Harting plug connector, connected to each other and to the blender PLC control.
> Loading cycles can be set for either adjustable time feeding or by a capacitive sensor.
> Priority feeding function (automatically assigned) conveys to a designated receiver until demand is satisfied.
> Minimum wiring is need.
> Future receivers may be added by simply extending the cables to the new one.