In the FLYER air rings and internal cooling devices VORTYX, Syncro looks for the “coexistence” between elements that seem to be in perpetual conflict and incompatible with each other: turbulence and stability.

The dream of every manufacturer is to maximize the heat exchange in order to obtain hourly production increases and maximize the stability of the bubble shape to ensure a basic thickness profile of high quality. They are the two primary requirements of SYNCRO in the study of external and internal cooling devices (FLYER and VORTYX).

The search for aerodynamic profiles of the air ring inserts and internal coolers of the bubble is evident and is in continuity with the design features of the latest generation air rings provided with carbon and highly insulating chambers (double skin design), single-entrace air feeding for an attractive design and a simplified and “clean” line, double-adjustment technology (flow and / or temperature) SYNCRO patent.